Data is fundamental to every decision made by victims, courts, government agencies or civil society organisations to prevent and combat human trafficking.

ASEAN-ACT has studied Trafficking in Persons Annual Reports that ASEAN Member States have published in 2020, and their approach to national reporting of ACTIP.

Download The Baseline Report

To support the Baseline Report, a TIP Data Toolkit has been developed to explain how to report on the 22 TIP data indicators.


To assist the formal justice sector to improve the way trafficked victims and witnesses are treated in the criminal justice system, ASEAN-ACT, together with partner ASEAN countries, have developed 8 victim sensitive indicators.

Implementation relies on the collection, analysis and sharing of national trafficking in persons data.

The transparent publication of national Trafficking in Persons Annual Reports ensures that governments and non-government agencies across the ASEAN Member States work to further ACTIP goals and have the same information to improve their service delivery to support and protect victims-survivors.

Click on the links below to download reports published by our program partners.

Permission has been sought to publish any reports that do not appear on national websites.