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How does human trafficking data advance victim rights?

March 25, 2022

Data is fundamental to every decision made by victims, courts, government agencies or civil society organisations to prevent and combat human trafficking.

Without data, it is difficult to tell the impact of allocated funds, whether trafficking patterns are changing, and what efforts might be needed to improve counter-trafficking responses.

More importantly, without data it is difficult for a trafficked victim to make an informed decision about whether they will give evidence in a trafficking case.

As a way of marking the 5-year anniversary since the ASEAN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children (ACTIP) entered into force, ASEAN-ACT has studied Trafficking in Persons Annual Reports that ASEAN Member States have published in 2020, and their approach to national reporting of ACTIP.

This webinar presented the key findings and recommendations of this Baseline Report, including new TIP data tools developed by ASEAN-ACT.

Our panel featured international and regional experts, who shared good practices on the collection, analysis, management and reporting of TIP data. They discussed the value of having robust TIP data to effectively respond to emerging patterns, and measure the progress of implementing victim-sensitive approaches.

Download the Baseline Report here.


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