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Protection and Beyond: Models that support trafficked victims’ access to justice

October 7, 2022

To combat human trafficking, the most widely accepted approach enshrined in both international and regional legal instruments, including the ASEAN Convention, is the 3Ps framework – prosecution, prevention, and protection.

Despite having the legal and procedural frameworks in place in the ASEAN region, victims of trafficking and those at risk of being trafficked, have little or no access to protection and assistance.

Frontliners such as social workers, law enforcement, NGOs and consular officials are important in providing immediate support and referral assistance.

Frontliners also play a crucial role in informing victims of their rights and helping them access justice.

This webinar showcased regional and international support models at initial or critical points of contact – such as at national borders, destination countries, and legal aid clinics – and discussed how individualised support and assistance to victims of trafficking can empower them to make an informed decision and seek assistance.

Download the presentations from our panelists: